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Felicia Nielson

Felicia Nielson

Saturday Day

Felicia Nielsen has the sound of an old 78-record, she takes you back in time with traditional blues and spirituals with her sincere, emotional voice and rhythmic, playful guitar fingerpicking technique. Playing clubs and festivals around Sweden and Europe, she is an unique artist that brings out her own style and lots of personality in the music.

She released her debutalbum in 2015, ”Introducing; Shoutin’ Red” on Swedish record label Rootsy, produced by drummer Bosse Skoglund. In 2014 she was awarded the blues Junior Prize at Åmål International Blues Festival. Since she started to embrace her own roots in Swedish folk music she makes her repertoar even richer showing the likeness and differences between traditional styles. She is a powerful artist that brings out raw emotion and that is what makes her performances touch the hearts of many people. 


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